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Welcome to Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple

Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple (SBAT) was started with the noble idea of propagating the highest values of Sanatana Dharma by serving the community at large by regularly conducting poojas for loka kshema, sloka Classes for the kids, Veda classes for the eager minded young and elderly in the gurukula system of education and to serve the Hindu community with the Shodasha Karmas that a human being needs to undergo through one’s life cycle.

Our Shastras say, “Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha!” It means that if we protect the Dharma, the Dharma shall protect us. The Motto of the temple, Yatho Dharmaha! Tatho Jayaha!! - Where there is Righteousness, there is Victory, is based on this very tenet of Sanatana Dharma. This can be achieved by living our lives as laid down by our scriptures.

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Why another temple when there are lots of temples in the area?

As the Saying goes, “The More the Merrier”, it is good to have more temples in the area to benefit the growing Hindu Diaspora in the region. This is also strategically placed in the Frederick Region and will definitely serve the needs of devotees in the Maryland, Virginia, D.C areas and beyond. This being a first of its kind Hanuman temple in the United States is soon going to be a very popular and holy pilgrim site thronged by thousands of devotees every year like the popular Hanuman temples in India as he is a Pratyaksha Deiva in this Kali Yuga.

Why Worship Anjaneya? (Hanumaan)

Buddhir Balam Yasho Dhairyam NirBhayatvam Arogathaam
Ajaadyam VaakPatuthvancha Hanumath Smaranaath Bhaveth..

  • Buddhir Balam - Acumen or Mental Keenness (also could be said as mental strength
  • Yasho - fame
  • Dhairyam - Courage
  • Nir Bhayathvam - Fearlessness
  • Arogathaam - Free of Diseases
  • Ajaadhyam VaakPathuthvancha - immeasurable Speech and learning abilities
  • Hanumath Smaranaath Bhaveth - just by thinking/remembering of Hanuman

When Sri Hanumaan can bestow so many qualities/traits on us if we just remember or think of Him, imagine what we can gain by worshipping The One who is constantly meditating on the Taraka Mantra – Rama.

Lord Anjaneya is easily appeasable. One doesn’t need to take up strenuous rituals, yajnas or tapas. All one needs to do is to chant the Holy Rama Nama. As the sloka says

Yatra Yatra Raghunaatha Keerthanam, Tatra Tatra Kruthamasthakaanjalim!

Wherever the Glory of Raghunatha or Lord Sri Rama is sung, Lord Anjaneya is not only there to enjoy it with His head bowed down in reverence but to protect the ones who are chanting it and bestows them with health, wealth and prosperity.

Lord Hanuman is not only the Master of Masters in His spiritual and worldly knowledge but also an example of the humblest of the humblest servants of the Lord. As Hanumaan Chaalisaa says, “Ashta Siddhi Nava Nidhi ke Datha”, He possess the Ashta Maha Siddhis and Nava Nidhis and bestows them on the devotees who pray to him ardently.

“Aura manotatha jo koi lavai | Soi amita jivana phala pavai ||”

Lord Hanumaan blesses everyone who seeks His Grace and grant them in large measure, all that one wants in addition to bestowing the full fruit of life.

Anjaneya in the U.S

We all are blessed as the Lord who once as Ramadootha crossed the Indian Ocean to find Maa Seetha and subsequently went back with the Lord Rama to vanquish Ravana and his armies, is crossing multiple oceans once again, and this time to reside in the Holy town of Urbana, MD, first as a sukshma roopa (6 ft idol) and then as Bheema Roopa (36 ft idol). Lord Hanumaan is coming here to save and help thousands of souls like us to cross the samsara sagara by adhering to the Path of Dharma.

Nasai roga harani saba pira, japata nirantara hanumata bira

As the above sloka says, The One who removes all diseases, afflictions and ailments is going to bless us as Sarva-Roga-Hara Dhanwantri-Roopa Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya.

Let us all come together, strive harder and fervently pray to Him to grace us with His Presence amongst us at the earliest. With Him, who is Asaadhya Sadhakah Swamin, even the impossible becomes Possible.