Pooja Booking service is available by phone. Phone Numbers: 301-865-5555 | 301-576-3277

In the recent past, the Temple has been receiving numerous requests to publish a rate chart for various Pooja services being offered. Our Temple's motto has always been that the Devotee should only have the "WILL" to do the Dharmic activity and concern for the "BILL" should be the least. Due to this practice, many devotees have been developing guilt of short-paying for services. Based on increased demand, the Temple Management has decided to publish list of Suggested Donations for various Pooja Services offered.


Pooja Description Rate
Swarna Kavacham with Abhishekam Bhaktha Anjaneya adorned with Gold Kavacham (at temple only) $351
Sahasranaama Archana Chanting of the 1008 names of the Deity, followed by fruit offering and Aarati (at temple only) $100
Temple Sponsored Hanumath Vratham At temple only $35 and above (as you wish)
Temple Sponsored Satyanarayana Pooja At temple only $35 and above (as you wish)
Vehicle Pooja At temple only $51

Pooja Description
Ganapathi Homam  
Aayushya Homam  
Mrityunjaya Homam  
Pancha Sukta Homam  
Rudra Homam Homam  
Navagraha Homam  
Durga Homam  
Bhoomi Pooja Ground Breaking Ceremony
Satyanarayana Pooja  
Ayyappa Pooja  Outside temple only
Bhagavati Seva Worshipping Devi in tradional lamps
Kalyana Utsavam Celestial Wedding Ceremony to the Lord
Sarpabali Sarpabali is the worship of Lord Nagaraaja to ward off the bad effects of Sarpa Dosha
Pavamaana Homam  
Manyu sooktha Homam  
Go Pooja  
Go Daanam - Madhyama Kalpam Donating new cows to the temple
Go Daanam - Uttaama Kalpam Donating new cows to the temple and maintenance
Griha Pravesam House-Warming Ceremony
Griha Pravesam with Sathyanarayana Pooja House-Warming Ceremony
Chandi Homam Durga Saptashati (700 slokhas) Homam
Rudrabhishekam Pooja for Shiva with one time Rudra Parayanam
Rudra Ekadasi Mahanyasam Poorvaka, 11 times Rudra Parayanam & Rudda homam
Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam  

Pooja Description
Punyaahavaachanam Religious Ceremony of purifying Mind, Body, Place and Materials
Naamakaranam Religious ceremony of naming the new born baby
Annapraasanam Religious ceremony of offering first food for baby
Vidyaarambam Religious initiation of child's education
Chaula Karma Hair offering
Upanayanam Thread Ceremony
Upanayanam with Udaka Shanti (same day) Thread Ceremony (in detail)
Nishchitartham Engagement Ceremony
Vivaham Wedding Ceremony
Poorvangam for Upanayanam/Wedding/Seemantham Udaka Shanti & Nandhi
Seemantham Religious Baby Shower ceremony
Seemantham with Udaka Shanti (same day) Religious Baby Shower ceremony (in detail)
Sashtiabdapoorty 60th birthday
Beemaratha shanthi 70th birthday
Sahasra chandra darshana shanthi 80th birthday
Sataabhishekam Above 90
All day pooja charge  

Paaravana Shraadham Annual ritual for ancestors (full fledged) Chataka Shraadham Annual ritual for ancestors (Madwa tradition) Hiranya Shraadham ( Sankalpam ) Annual ritual for ancestors Maasikam/Sodakumbham Miscellaneous ritual for ancestors Paaravana Shraadham Full Package: (2 priest for boojanam, Vadyar Sambavana, Food Package, 3 Devotee's food, Cook Charges, utility & Cleaning) Tarpanam Periodic ritual for ancestors
Pooja Description
Funeral Rites  
Funeral: 1 - 9 Days ( Per Day )  
Funeral: 10 - 13 Days ( Per Day )  

Pooja Material List
Akshara Abhyasam
Anna Prasanam
Ayushya Homam
Ganapati Homam
Ayyappa Pooja
Bhagavathi Seva
Chowla upanayanam
Rudra Ekadashini
Gruha Pravesham
Bhima Ratha Shanti-70th Birthday
Navagraha Homam
Nama Karanam
Nakshatra Homam
Navadhaanyam & Navagraha Vastram
Rudra Abhishekam
Punyahavachanam & Namakaranam
Sudharshana Homam
Satya Narayana Vratham Puja
Shashtyabhdha Purti (60th Birthday)
Durga Lakshmi
Vrata / Vishesha Pooja
Vijaya Ratha Shanthi (75th Birthday)
Wedding Vivaham
Maha Lakshmi Homam (Sri Suktham)
Bhoomi Pooja